I like a dress in the gallery- can I buy it?

The dresses in the gallery were already sold and are only meant as examples of my work. There are no dresses in stock either. Generally, I donīt make two dresses exactly the same, but custom made variations are possible.

How much is a dress?

That question cannot be answered in general (would be like asking "how much is a car"). It depends on time and effort making it an on the materials being used. The rough price range is about 300 Euro.

I have an idea for a dress... what would be the costs making it?

There is no way around mailing and asking ;-).

Are the designs authentically medieval/renaissance?

No, obviously not.... rather medievalish.

Where can I buy the patterns you used?

I made the patterns myself, they can not be ordered. I donīt want to hand them on or sell them either- sorry! At the link page ("Schnittmusterversand") you can find sources for patterns similar to these.

I would like to start sewing, how can I learn it?

I preferred the self-educated trial-and-error-method. Although, sewing courses may help you (but also may be a cause for frustration ... and are not always of high quality). With a sewing book and the internet you get quite far... just my two cents...